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Fairy tale Weddings & Honeymoons

Welcome to a world where fairy tales are real. When you are thrown into the midst of a fairy tale story line, you get caught somewhere in between good and evil. Well, you all know and sense that some great rescue must be coming. We, Travel footprint, are your rescuer. We can materialize your fairy tale wedding, photography, honeymoon or fairy tale escape dreams with our resorts, cruise, stately homes and romantic and luxury villas network which stand at the tip of our magic wand.

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Faiirytale Wedding

Fairytales are the extreme end of imagination, greatness and prosperity and they are surprisingly relevant to real life. Our objective is to make that evident by appropriately planning and arranging a fairytale wedding just to suit your fantasy.

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Fairytale Honeymoon

You are reading this because you want something ecstatic. The traditional closing line of a fairytale is “and they lived happily ever after”. Our fairytale imagination stretches a step beyond as we plan and craft your honeymoon to suite a fairytale storyline of your choice.

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Fairytale Photography

Haven’t you thrown yourself into the midst of a fairytale story line and imagined yourself as the hero or the princess? Well you have. Our fairytale photography options offer you the chance to fulfill that dream as we place you in the story line of a magical fairytale.

Why book with us ?

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    We believe in fairytale endings

    Our hope is high and we know the life worth living. Therefore, if you have always had your heart set on a fairytale wedding, we can materialize that desire, faster than a hummingbird flappers its wings, with the resorts, stately homes and romantic and luxury villas network we have. We can help you plan every inch of your big day, guide you through the logistics of getting married abroad and cover every moment of the day leaving you with scenic and precious photographic memories.

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    Nothing adds value unless it brings rewards.

    Value is the seed of our company, and hence, we offer competitive value for money with high quality products and services in order to furnish total client satisfaction. The reputation and integrity built through partnerships with customers and copartners are what you need to seek for. When it comes to those aspects, we are rated high on the list. Therefore, we can always come up with lucrative and competitive deals to maximize the value of every cent you pay.

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    Beyond travel books

    Popular travel books lead you astray on many occasions. Travel books use the same description of previous authors over and over again for subsequent editions. In addition, these guides devote tons of pages to describe a destination that hardly deserves one single page, while the destination, with a real deal barley has an account in the book, which is only a mile away. If you are with us, you are in safe hands and you won’t get burned

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    If you can dream it, we can plan it.

    We live wherever you stay. Not only we create and operate miraculous tours, we are passionate travelers. We have traveled the world, stayed at some of the best hotels, tasted all genres of food, voyaged on epic cruises and camped in heroic woods. We only recommend prosperities that we are happy to experience on our own. Therefore, it is time to stop wandering around options; touch us, we can promise to make your tour experience special.

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    Life is more interesting with you within it, 24/7

    When your flight lands; the grasslands are ready for you. When you enter the island, we keep a bird’s-eye view of you. When the others are inside the blanket, we become the blanket. When the others enjoy a Christmas dinner, we order steak for you. Cheering up a 24/7 life with you is what we find more interesting.

what clients say?

” Travel footprint is an awesome store to pick. Lots of variety, good prices. Always something new to see. The views are awesome. The Hill Country was nice and easy. Our kids enjoyed the tour and they have lot of things to share with friends in schools after summer vacation.”

Sandra Donnathan, Spain

” We were in kalutara in our last vacation. We enjoyed very much and we got our 7 day tour arranged by TFS which they made an awesome one with trust and good service. Like to invite everyone, if you visit Kalutara, Do not miss Kalutara vihara, Richmond castle and Village tour.”

Tristan Brown, Canada.

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Travel Picture Of The Week

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    Hope is High!

    victoria dame by TFS

    It does not take a whole life time to build such high walls if you have the right mix of people who believes in greater heights. Knowledge, techniques and experience are all secondary.

    – The tallest dam in Sri Lanka built intercepting the ‘Mahaweli’ river near Teldeniya, commenced construction in 1978 and ceremonially inaugurated by 1985

  • traveling to sri lanka, sri lanka packages, holidaying in sri lanka, travel footprint, travelfootprint,

    Endless Escapes!

    longest suspension bridge in sri lanka captured by TFS

    Bridging two different worlds is not as easy since it needs a good composition; each line adds strength and takes none away.

    – The longest suspension bridge in Sri Lanka built across ‘Kelani’ river connecting Kurupaththagama village with Ruwanwella town


National Bird Watching Month

Similar to National Bird Feeding Month celebrated in USA, Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka, the national affiliate of Bird Life International, has declared a dedicated month for bird watching with the intention of providing specialized services for bird lovers all over the world. Sri Lanka, with its colorful g....

The Most Romantic City In Sri Lanka

Hey Matt, I was delighted when I saw your mail, asking about a good honeymoon destination in Sri Lanka. Without a debate Sri Lanka is a paradise on earth for honeymooners among other honeymoon destinations around the world. After a long thought, I can detail you some best cities that fits in to your honeymoon […]....

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Sri Lanka Hotels

98 acres ella, vacation to ella, hill country, travel footprint, travelfootprint, tfs, Details

98 Acres Resort and Spa

Uniquely located amidst a vast 98 acre tea estate in Ella, 98 Acres Resort and Spa offers guests a completely out of ordinary

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Amaya Hills

Probably the only luxury hotel depicting the proud Kandyan culture at its best. It presents a blend of ancient culture and the contempor

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Eden Resort and Spa

A place with an ultimate relaxation built in such a way that it reminds the divine land ‘Garden of Eden’. Its setting on the beach

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