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What is Fairy tale Wedding?

With a fairytale wedding, your wedding destination, venue, colors, dresses, decorations, atmosphere, food, photography, and every other thing are arranged such a way that of a fairytale. Out of all the offbeat wedding traditions, ‘Fairytale’ is the most imaginative tradition you can ever pick.
You can faintly compare it to selecting a wedding theme. A theme lets you choose the destination, venue, colors you want, way you want to dress, decorations, atmosphere of the party, and how the function should feel and look like.

Why you should have a fairy tale wedding?

Can you remember the time when you could fly, believed in magic, and when anything was possible? Fantasies and dreams come and go, however, the mark they leave in our soul shapes our desires, likings, tastes and penchants. Although lying dormant, this innocence piece of you still believes in fairytales. Fairytales are the extreme end of imagination, greatness and prosperity and they are surprisingly relevant to real life. Our objective is to make that evident by appropriately planning and arranging a fairytale wedding just to suit your fantasy.
Among all other fabulous benefits, obtaining an overseas wedding certificate would comprise an added value to your big day. In addition, you can have your wedding in conjunction with a honeymoon package along with exotic shopping opportunities.




Is a fairy tale wedding more expensive than a traditional wedding?

Absolutely no; actually, it costs 60% to 70% less than a traditional wedding as an all-inclusive venue provides food, drinks, and other requirements at a discounted rate.


Why linking with us?

We arrange your dream wedding destination of your choice; it could be Caribbean Islands, Maldives, Hawaii, Sri Lanka or anyoneof our list. Selecting the venue is also all yours; the choices can be a luxuary Cruise, Resort, Villa, Chateaux, or even a Castles. Thereafter, we guide and plan your bridal and groom dress making, wedding decorations, wedding party, and photography to colorfully illustrate your chosen fairytale theme just the way it roles in the original story.



How can you get started?

Go through your other life engagements and decide the date and time that you two want to be placed in the fairytale wedding storyline – the day you want to have your wedding. After bridging your hands with us, we allocate a personalized specialist to work with you step by step throughout the process.


How do I choose my destination wedding location?

This is where we excel our glitz. We suggest hundreds of wedding destinations and venues that we have visited and explored. We have established good working relationships and ethics with owners, onsite staff and suppliers. Therefore, we can offer our optimum care when setting up these aspects, as they are of utmost importance, to rightly craft the day the way it appears in your imagination and to meet your budget.


Can I do a fairytale wedding in sri lanka without going abroad?

Yes you can. In Sri Lanka, we have hundreds of carefully selected venues. You can choose one of them. However, we always encourage you to go out since it is an ultimate experience.


Fancy knowing, how we make our moves?

We blend our experience to choose dresses, colors, flowers, ceremony enhancements, wedding cake and many more just to suite your imagination. Thereafter, we prepare all the marriage logistics, documentations and provide you with an initial wedding briefing.  In addition, we help you with visa and travel arrangements for you, your twin-soul and your guests.


Once you arrive?

Once you arrive within the agreed time period, we familiarize you with the venue, make you feel home, and provide you a final wedding briefing. After all, we leave everything in our hands; we take the weight off you, entirely, and let your fairytale begin.


How far in advance should I plan my fairy tale wedding?

You can begin planning as early as 12 months or even 3 months prior to your decided wedding date. However, starting the booking process, in advance, helps us negotiating with suppliers and vendors to come up with reduced deals.


How do I ensure my guests can afford to come?

The guests are expected to pay travel and accommodation costs, and therefore, the best way to ensure that they can afford it is by planning the wedding in advance. That way they have ample of time to plan and budget accordingly. In addition, you can choose your wedding destination, venue and time of year that you would like to marry such a way that that your guests have easy access to those.


Why do you require a $ 200 deposit?

Just after you book with us, we allocate a personalized specialist to cater all your needs in order to ensure a perfect celebration every time. Therefore, we ask for $ 200to reserve our service. Not to worry; this amount is refunded at the end of your final payment.


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What is Fairy tale Honeymoon?

The traditional closing line of a fairytale is “and they lived happily ever after”. Our fairytale imagination stretches a step beyond as we plan and craft your honeymoon to suite a fairytale storyline of your choice.

Why should I go for a Fairytale Honeymoon?

It is your honeymoon. It is a once in a lifetime journey; yes, it is not a regular vacation; it is important to get it right. You are reading this because you want something ecstatic.
How about spending your honeymoon, just like prince and princess of Cinderella, on a cruise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or in a castle in Scotland. There are hundreds of destinations and venue that we have chosen carefully. We can create it like a fairytale escape.

What are the advantages having a fairytale honeymoon?

It is not an ordinary honeymoon in a Local hotel. It is an unforgettable experience and where dreams can happen. Along with this prestige experience, you will have the opportunity to go for exotic shopping options with a wide array of items to buy.

How it works?

We decorate the cruise, villa, chateaux or the castle you select to spend your honeymoon, arrange pretty surprises and events, and leave you with photographic memories that will last till you catch your breath in heaven.

Can I book a Honeymoon without booking the wedding function?

Absolutely yes. If you fancy only a Honeymoon, without the wedding, we put our might just for that.

Can I hire Photographic service in order to capture precious moments of our honeymoon?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

I don’t have an idea about the destination that suits us. What should I do?

Don’t worry…Our specialist will help you to reach your dream destination.

Is it much more expensive than local honeymoon?

Probably not. If you are staying in a local honeymoon resort for 5 days you will have to pay a minimum of 1000 USD.  However, with our buying power, you will end up paying much less and at the same time you will get an unforgettable experience in a fairytale resort or cruise.

We have a limited budget, but we would like to take a fairytale honeymoon?

We always customize your trip according to your requirement & budget. We will match your requirement with our worldwide suppliers. Our service is always free.

When should I plan?

If you can confirm in advance, we arrange all necessary things in time without any fuss.

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What is Fairy tale Photography?

Haven’t you thrown yourself into the midst of a fairytale story line and imagined yourself as the hero or the princess? Well you have. Our fairytale photography options offer you the chance to fulfill that dream as we place you in the story line of a magical fairytale.

What are the advantages of Fairytale Photography?

The advantages are easily explainable and straightforward. First of all, when you are with us, your mind is free from the hassle of photography of your big day. Secondly, you don’t have to be worried about finding photo-scenic venues and getting permission to do a photo shoot. We have an exotic collection of castles, luxury resorts, cruses, and hotels all around the world for you to choose your dream destination. Finally, you will be benefited from our professional service so that you will have left with precious photographic memories that will last forever.

How it works?

If it is fairytale photography the option that you are looking for, we reserve a dedicated agent/ representative, to take care of your needs, throughout our service, after you reach us. We, along with you, work out a destination and a venue, to suite your fairytale theme, to shoot the photos. We arrange necessary decorations and flowers and guide you throughout the wedding dress making process. Once you arrive on the arranged day, we familiarize you with the venue and start your photographic journey.

Is fairytale photography is quite expensive?

Not at all. With an array of suppliers and vendors, we have built a sturdy buying powerthat one can hardly match. In addition, our personalized and customized service comes with different packages to suite your budget, interests, and schedules.

I am lacking knowledge about out of country destinations and venues?

We do constant travels to all the destinations and venues of our chain to reinforce our relationships with them and to observe the seasonal beauty with our own eyes. Therefore, our wedding specialists will help you choosing the right destination to suite your dream.

I don’t like to go another country. Can I have my fairytale photo journey in Srilanka?

If you choose to have your fairytale wedding in Sri Lanka, we can make that happen too.We put tons of energy to make it look fabulous and fairy-talic.

I am done with my wedding. Can I still order your service?

Precisely you can. You could have missed to book your fairytale wedding with us; don’t worry; our fairytale photography addition will give take photographs just the way your fairytale wedding could have happened. You wedding arrangements are irrelevant, if you book our photography service alone.

How do your photo-albums look and feel?

Our albums are totally different from a traditional story book album. It is a fairytale book. Yes you heard it right; a fairytale book. The design and quality are totally different, and romance is the underline norm of the product.

How many wedding photos will I get?

You will get a minimum of 50 photographs from the engagement session and a minimum of 400 photographs from the rest of your wedding day.

Will it take long to receive my photo album?

It takes 3-6 weeks to complete the albums as they are custom designed by us and handcrafted by the best album companies in Beijing and Europe.

Why do we go out of country for album fabrication?

Printing quality and neatness what we are striving to achieve. However, if you want it to be done via local printing shops, we can still make every effort to get a good quality product.

What is required to book my date?

You need to pay 50% of the total cost to book a date with us.

When should I pay the remaining amount?

The remaining 50% needs to be settled 2 weeks before the photo-shoot date.

We wish we could meet with you, but we don’t live in Colombo. Is there an alternative?

Most of our clients work with us without in-person meetings. We offer a 24 hour service over the phone, emails, or skype. Therefore, you will be at our arm’s length.

How do we arrange your travel?

If you go out of country, we can book our own airfare and rental car. We always go for the least expensive option.

How do we hire you?

Click or tap on the ‘contact us’, at the top of our home page, to reach us with questions about packages, prices and availability.

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What is Fairy tale Romantic Escapes ?

It could be time to escape to where castles, vineyards and romantic settings are, with your fiancé.

It could be the anniversary of your wedding day, or the day you two met each other for the first time, or the maiden date you two had, or any other date that you want to cherish and celebrate; we can decorate that day with a fairytale journey or a fairytale function to materialize a fairytale fantasy that you have in your deepest core.

To whom fairytale escapes?

Anyone who believes love is never ending.

How it works?

You can pick the fairytale theme, the destination you want to travel or have your function, and the venue. Thereafter, we plan and arrange all the bookings, handpick flowers to decorate your dress and the venue, arrange photography, and finally combine the fragrances to give the right texture to the atmosphere.

What are the destination and venue options?

We arrange your fairytale escape destination of your choice; it could be Caribbean Islands, Maldives, Hawaii, Sri Lanka or anyone of our list. Selecting the venue is also all yours; the choices can be a luxuary Cruise, Resort, Villa, Chateaux, or even a Castles.
Kindly refer venue section.

I am lacking knowledge about out of country destinations and venues?

We do constant travels to all the destinations and venues of our chain to reinforce our relationships with them and to observe the seasonal beauty with our own eyes. Therefore, our specialists will help you choose the right destination and venue to suite your dream.

Is a fairytale escape more expensive than a romantic journey?

It costs 60% to 70% less than a standard journey as an all-inclusive venue provides food, drinks, and other requirements at a discounted rate.

Are there any special offers?

Yes. Time to time, we will update about special offers.  You can pick most valuable packages for your dream tour.

How can we arrange our travel?

If you go out of country, we can book our own airfare and rental car. We always go for the least expensive option.

How do we hire you?

Click or tap on the ‘contact us’, at the top of our home page, to reach us with questions about packages, prices and availability.

Where would you like to go?

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Look for it

When we are dreaming about a fairy tale story-line, our imagination goes to somewhere out of the world we live. That is a place, with gigantic architectures, romance and mysteries, where miracles can happen. If I give a name to that place, that would be Paris, France. Right?The chateaux in France that we have close contacts of are probably the best setups for you to see your fairy tale dream to come through.

Scotland has been handing down a nostalgic, vibrant, living and constantly evolving tradition for over thousand years. Strikingly spectacular castles, situated on dramatic landscapes, overlooking deep lochs and tower cities, tell the story of that tradition. If it is a fairy-tale-like atmosphere that you are looking for, the castles in Scotland will deliver the exact match of your desire.

Italy, the land of architecture, consists of some of the world’s best castles that hold evident of the mammoth history, culture and ethics of the nation. Imagine having your fairy tale dream event in one of those castles that are situated on majestic mountains rising from the sea or charming ancient villages. We can make that imagination a real with the constant association we have with those majestic castles.

Thailand hands down some of the world’s best resorts and villas surrounded by pearl scent sand beaches and soaring limestone peaks. In addition, the resorts and villas boast tasty traditional Thai food. We have built strong and valued interrelationships with the resorts and villas, which enable us to make a fairy tale surrounding for you to tie the knot in a grand fashion.

The scents, color palates and beauty of nature, history, traditions and expressiveness of ancient castles, in Ireland, along with warmest and wittiest people, are ranked high and unmatchable. We know the fairy tale dream you have has a light yearlong gap from the sorrow and meanness of the world. Let us make that fairy tale world for you by appropriately arranging a castle, in Ireland, to hold your dream wedding.

Singapore, along with unique architectures and city gardens, is a country with imaginative at its best and, therefore, has been a topnotch wedding destination for romantic couples from all over the world. We, Travel footprint, have long standing relationships with the resorts and villas, in Singapore, which enable us to put up a show by organizing a fairy tale moment for you by romanticizing your own fantasy.

Whenever you are in England, you are not far away from the 2000 year old history that lies beneath the cities and countryside of England.Therefore, if you choose a castle in England for your fairy tale dream to come true, without a doubt, you will be soon surrounded by the classic English charm that spreads over magnificent coasts, stunning seaside towns and countryside spectacles.

Maldives is a romantic chain of islands dottily placed in placid deep-blue sea.Thousands of couples come to Maldives, every year, to get married or spend the honeymoon. Our resorts and villas, in Maldives, are placed in god given oceanic setups or forest vistas, which offer you a supremely magical environment to see your fairy tale event come true.

Sri Lanka consists of extreme and diverse historical, architectural, wildlife and cultural wonders that you can never imagine, an island of 65,610 square kilometers, sixty times smaller than India, could hold. The exotic villas and resorts reflect those aspects, of Sri Lanka, which makes the island a red-hot pick to hold a fairy tale occasion of your liking.



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