Our Story

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Who We are

TFS is the leading creator and innovator of world class, stylish family and romance travel choices in the industry. We handcraft personalized and unrivalled tours for the first time in Sri Lanka. We have passed the passage of offering the same old standard ordinary travel experiences. Ultra-stylish travel is our only business.

What we put together?

We work hard to maintain our ever growing network of partners, supplies, luxury resorts and hotels not only in Sri Lanka, but also around the world including Europe, Caribbean islands, Africa and Asia. It could be a destined wedding package, honeymoon package, babymoon package, or family package. Our professional team and the partner network are always there for you to make your travel dream a reality. We look forward to creating remarkable services and lucrative travel choices to offer you relaxing and enjoyable journeys.

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    We believe in fairytale endings,

    Like you all do, like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Jack and the Beanstalk did. So we know the time when men were kind, their voices were softer and inviting and we know the time when love was blind. But for us, nothing has ever forgotten. Our hope is high and we know the life worth living. Therefore, if you have always had your heart set on a fairytale wedding, we can materialize that desire, faster than a hummingbird flappers its wings, with the resorts, stately homes and romantic and luxury villas network we have. We can help you plan every inch of your big day, guide you through the logistics of getting married abroad and cover every moment of the day leaving you with scenic and precious photographic memories.

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    Nothing adds value unless it brings rewards.

    Value is the seed of our company, and hence, we offer competitive value for money with high quality products and services in order to furnish total client satisfaction. There is a world of choices to be made when it comes to choosing a tour operator. When choosing a tour operator, the reputation due to its mass or size is not the utmost priority to tick. The reputation and integrity built through partnerships with customers and copartners are what you need to seek for. When it comes to those aspects, we are rated high on the list. With sincere cooperation with major charter operators and a bed bank that counts in thousands, we have grasped a strong purchasing power within local and global tourism market. Therefore, we can always come up with lucrative and competitive deals to maximize the value of every cent you pay.

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    Beyond travel books

    Popular travel books lead you astray on many occasions. Travel books use the same description of previous authors over and over again for subsequent editions. In addition, these guides devote tons of pages to describe a destination that hardly deserves one single page, while the destination, with a real deal barley has an account in the book, is only a mile away. The local knowlagde of nature, beauty, sorrow, and life is what the books are lacking; the secrete of a society or a culture is known to the people of that culture. If you are with us, you are in safe hands and you won’t get burned by the flaws of popular travel books, instead, you will experience, more than what words say, and a travel that is worth your time.

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    If you can dream it, we can plan it.

    We live wherever you stay. Not only we create and operate miraculous tours, we are passionate travelers. We have traveled the world, stayed at best hotels, tasted variety of foods, voyaged on epic cruises and camped in heroic woods. We only recommend prosperities that we are happy to experience on our own. Therefore, it is time to stop wandering around options; touch us, we can promise to make your tour experience special.

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    Life is more interesting with you within it, 24/7

    When your flight lands; the grasslands are ready for you. When you enter the island, we keep a bird’s-eye view of you. When the others are inside the blanket, we become your blanket. When the others enjoy a Christmas dinner, we order steak for you. Cheering up a 24/7 life with you is what we find more interesting.

What is our attitude?

We have left booking engines alone. Can a booking engine understand and cater the deep desires of your heart to arrange, a surprise hot air balloon flight over Kandalama Lake, a walk in the mist in Nuwaraeliya or an atoll in Maldives to house your wedding to feel the warmth of water lapping over your toes? Let us be your trusted advisor throughout the planning and booking processes right from the moment you plant an idea on your mind to take an adventurous tour.


Love and enthusiasm for travel and a soft spot for romance are our prime motives. We are here not just to present you a venue, arrange sightseeing tours, or book a discounted ticket to a distant destination. We are here to, seek out a place for yours kids to play local water, sand and bubble games with local children, take the adventurous couple on a journey to observer and even take part in mining, cutting and polishing of gemstones, or scope out elegant local flowers to match bride’s wedding colors, sew bride’s wedding dress seamlessly and take photographic memories covering every moment of your wedding day. Our objective is to create personalized and novel travel experiences largely to families, couples of any age and small groups considering every little detail of client’s requirements and every cent of client’s budget. The stand-out norms of our business are integrity, loyalty, safety, teamwork and leadership.


With the rapid boost of global standardization, the tourism products and services have become less unique to the point that many travelers almost forget the country where the hotel is located. This has been one of the major challenges/ factors to cope to cater the evolving needs of the travelers. In addition, travel stress and safety are intrusive factors to deal for the fulfillment of calmness of a journey. Travel Footprint realizes all the underlying and visible challenges of the modern industry from top to bottom. We not only follow traditional means of traveling, but have adapted to the replacement of classical communication means by virtual communication means for planning, developing and utilizing of destination resources to furnish the needs of the modern industry.

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Key Deliverables

Novelty, Efficiency, Flexibility, High quality service with a Personal touch, Value for money

Our Commitments

Providing you with, inspiring, novel, sensual and unforgettable, journeys is not our only commitment; we ensure your happiness, safety, comfort and value for money. The customs we practice and the knowledge we share will make you confident knowing that we stay within your reach 24 into 7.

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  • Luxurious Escapes: Luxury cruises, Golf tours, Luxury safari, and Bird view
  • Educational & Family Tours: Bawa’s view and Family tours
  • Fairytale weddings & Honeymoons
  • Fairytale Escapes
  • Fairytale Photography
  • Budget: Backpacking, Train vacations,  Village tours & Homestay
  • MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Events
  • Handcrafted tours


  • Outbound countries: Thailand, Maldives, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Europe, and Bali
  • Educational & Family tours: Kid-stay, Baby moon, and Family tours
  • Fairytale weddings & Honeymoons
  • Fairytale escapes
  • Fairytale Photography
  • Budget: Backpacking, Train vacations,  Village tours & Homestay
  • MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Events
  • Handcrafted tours

Meet Our Team

We are not just travel enthusiasts or travel professionals; we are passionate travelers; the deep desires we have about exploring the world and meeting and interacting with new people with different ethics and values are what dragged us into this business. If you are a movie lover, you would probably know that to watch and enjoy the humor, surrealism, Eros, and genres of a foreign movie of a different culture, understanding the language or following subtitles won’t be enough. You have to have a sense of the unique ethical roots, political context, history and behaviors of that culture, to bond yourself with the movie and enjoy the sweet spots. Similarly, the bonds we have with the sweet spots of the world and the way we have captured distinct values of different civilizations are utterly unique. Because we have been there; we know what it takes and what it means to be there. You are hearing about us, because you are destined to see how dazzling and sensual the world is, once more. We don’t call us the best in the business; instead, we welcome you to go through our products and services or talk to our clients and see, if you can match our deliverables with the rest. Most of the travel options we deliver are unrivaled and introduced for the first time, ever, by a tour operator. Therefore, if you hold our hands, you will know how fantasies can be realized even though the world seems to be so boring and flowing in one direction.

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    Ruwan Enzo

    Product & Global Outreach

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    Ruwan Enzo – Product & Global Outreach

    He declined and seized numerous career opportunities came in his way to join Travel Footprint in order to smoothly break the longstanding barriers in the industry to handcraft romantic, passionate and mouthwatering tourism services and products by exploiting the 10 year exposure he gained through planning, designing and developing of diverse travel options at much celebrated travel companies in the United Kingdom.

    Favorite trip experience
    Walking in the streets of Cambridge, England, and enjoying architecture, heritage, greenery, and bridges that made this city so wonderful.


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    Vidar Fernandez

    Operations and Vendor Services

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    Vidar Fernandez – Operations and Vendor Services

    Having obtained his bachelors’ degree in International Relations, Vidar has gained enormous fame for ethics and customs he practices, throughout his career and life, at all levels of the travel industry and society. He puts his experience and skills,together, in handling operational systems, maintaining company and industrial policies, establishing excellent vendor performances by collaborating with suppliers and clients to set your travel plan in work.

    Favorite trip experience
    The privilege of being with my friends and family in some of the fabulous places around the world.


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    Alison Methvan

    Marketing Department

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    Alison Methvan – Marketing Department

    After her valiant efforts to the late growth of cutting-edge travel companies in the Eastern Europe, Alison joined Travel Footprint to exhale her evolutionary marketing breath to develop and implement marketing plans needed to handcraft our exceptional services and products. His extensive familiarization and knowledge of geographic layouts, attractions, and available resources of different tourist destinations, and the supervision have contributed immensely when handing over our unique products into your hands.

    Favorite trip experience
    Visiting castles, enjoying the beaches of Torquayand caravan camping in Devon, England by the beach with my friends.


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    Chaminda Bernanke

    Finance & Admiration

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    Chaminda Bernanke – Finance & Admiration

    If it is finance what negates us starting a dream journey back to the start of the universe, known as the big-bang, Chaminda will make us realize how efficiently we can utilize our means to materialize that dream and still live the life we lived before the journey, after we return. Born to a wealthy family, in Kandy, Chaminda inherits capabilities such as understanding global cash flows, and having a bird’s eye view of the financial structuralism of the world. The sustainability of our products, in this fearsome financial storm, is largely due to his efforts.

    Favorite trip experience
    A perfect day out in Kerala with my girlfriend: Breakfasts with spicy masala dosa, sipping water from coconuts and a 4-handed Ayurvedic massage at dusk. What else can be arousing?



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    Sanjeewa Leroy

    Community Liaison & Ground Handling

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    Sanjeewa Leroy – Community Liaison & Ground Handling

    Born and brought up in the hill country of Sri Lanka, having studied aesthetics for higher studies, traveling different parts of the world, and having worked in the aviation industry, in Australia, as a liaison officer to set up new travel routes, Sanjeewa possesses immense potential to communicate with distinct parties to bring about decorated travel options.

    Favorite trip experience
    I’m struggling to take my head off from my visit to Tuscany, Italy.Enjoying the nostalgic history decorated by Renaissance art, tasting Tuscan food and wines are hiking rolling hills are simply out of words.


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    Luke Matthews

    Sales Department

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    Luke Matthews – Sales Department

    To develop sales strategies and directions in order to build commercial relationships with key customers and partners across the globe, Luke combines his knowledge and 10 year experience, gained through setting up of sales plans to promote Cruise, Castle and other luxury travel options, at renowned travel companies, in the Northern Ireland and Dubai. He is also privileged to announce himself as the ambassador of sales at Travel Footprint, presenting you with lucrative, unrivaled and exceptionally novel travel options.

    Favorite trip experience
    Hiking, wildlife watching and fishing at the Bella Coola valley, Canada, set within stunning mountain ranges, with my family.


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    Sameera Fernando

    Media & Promotions

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    Sameera Fernando – Media & Promotions

    Sameera, worked as a 3D animation artist, is a self-taught photographer and a naturalist, gifted with a crafty eye to grasp the beauty of extreme dull objects and to transfer that idea lively to the others, handles entire promotional and media activities at Travel Footprint.

    Favorite trip experience
    My recent Visit to Hewahata, Kandy, Sri Lanka, which is an untouched destination by the tourists, is unforgettable. I spent nights at ancient resting places, bathed in water streams, watched medieval Dutch and Kandyan architecture hidden by the general public and captured all memories on my camera.


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    Sahiru Prasanna


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    Sahiru Prasanna – Reservation

    Sahiru hears the sound of history that echoes from a castle in Ireland, feels the warmth of the mist that has surrounded the bungalows in Nuwraeliya, and reverberates as a cruise getting ready to start yet another voyage from Caribbean islands; his 6th sense is dedicated much for the interest of exploring and spacing the resources to cater your personalized travel interests.

    Favorite trip experience
    Touring Galapagos Island and enjoying the sights of sea lions unmoved by my presence.