The Most Romantic City In Sri Lanka

The Most Romantic City In Sri Lanka

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Hey Matt,

I was delighted when I saw your mail, asking about a good honeymoon destination in Sri Lanka. Without a debate Sri Lanka is a paradise on earth for honeymooners among other honeymoon destinations around the world. After a long thought, I can detail you some best cities that fits in to your honeymoon in Sri Lanka.


Nuwara-Eliya, the perfect venue that keeps you high during your honeymoon inviting you to give sweet surprises to each other, walk along the miles and miles of meadows, sightseeing, take a tour around the lake and the city and do many more.

What else you mean to have by a honeymoon, than to spend a few memorable days of romantic whisper and flirt filled with love and lust; Nuwara-Eliya supports them all. The soothing climate of Nuwara-Eliya not only makes your feelings but also blossoms it up with red roses & orchids, allowing you to pick a bunch early in the morning and let your sweet-heart wakes up to a lovely surprise, an unforgettable bunch of red roses.

Why only flowers?

Since you get enough vegetables everywhere in Nuwara-Eliya, you can ask the hotel to arrange excursion to a vegetation where you two can pick vegetables with your own hands, get them cooked and enjoy the taste of a typical Sri Lankan breakfast.

Can you even imagine what she will do if she sees a horse-cart romantically decorated with flowers, as you step out of the hotel for an evening walk, prepared just for you to go on a ride around the city?

Wow, she would not wait to kiss you right there!!! It is not a dream mate; you can get it arranged easily.

It is not over Matt, serenity of the climate will not let you to stay back in your room, even if you want to. It urges you to take a walk on the endless meadows, hand in hand with your ‘Love’ feeling the warmth of each other, where you can make a gorgeous floral crown for her with beautiful wild flowers found on the same meadows. Believe me or not, you will still be fresh as a daisy even after such a long walk. For that you better thank to its salubrious climate.

If it is not enough you can take a hike to the tea estates above the clouds, keep the energy and excitement high by tasting some best tea in the world, watch cascading waterfalls, take a ride on the lake on your own and finally visit some prominent colonial establishments like post office, Grand Hotel, etc which takes you to that bygone era of love and romance.

After reading the whole text, I know what you are worrying over now. Yeah, that’s the most important part but not to worry, you get enough hotels in and around Nuwara-Eliya with all the luxuries and comforts to spend your honeymoon in the best way.

So, what better time to take your trip to Nuwara-Eliya than on your honeymoon?

Now then, reserve the first few days to paint your dreams with your honey and start the eternal journey of love on long white cloud cover over the mountain range. Hmmm… Feel free to trouble me when you want to get the trip arranged. Till then good bye and hope to see you soon…

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